Okay MemeEdit

Afbeelding 48

The Okay Meme or Okay Face is a rage comic. It usually cointains 4 squares, the 4th one filled with the Okay face. The face is used when its feeling are hurt, but he has to accept it.


The face was first created in a Forever Alone comic, after that it gained its own comic.


Challenge AcceptedEdit

Challenge Accepted is an internet meme. It usually contains 4 squares, the 4th one says: Challenge accepted.


This face is believed to be created on a discussion forum, namely Bungie's Blood Forums in 2010. After this, it also became popular on TV. In series like How I met your mother, a character oftenly takes impossible challenges saying Challenge Accepted.


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Me GustaEdit


Me Gusta

Me Gusta is another comic of usually 4 squares. Me Gusta is Spanish and means I like it. This Rage Comic is usually used with disgusting or awkward events.


A user named Insert claimed to have drawn the Me Gusta face and sent it to 4chan. However, a user named me_gusta claimed to have sent it before Insert.


Y U NO Guy


Y U NO MemeEdit

The Y U NO Meme or Y U NO-guy is an internet meme of 4 squares. In correct grammar, it should say: Why don't you or Why aren't you. The first one was: I TXT YOU, Y U NO TXT BAK? From that one on, many more were created.


The enraged face comes from a japanese comic, Gantz' Chapter 55: Naked King.
GANTZ v05c55p161 (1)


This comic was released on Febuary 2002, and translated in English in 2009. The first Meme, (I TXT U Y U NO TXT BACK,) gained over 10.000 likes and reblogs on LOLTumblrwallpapers. Short after that, not only on LOLTumblrwallpapers, but also on FunnyJunk and other blogs were new images created, Like ONIONS, Y U MAKE EYES WATER and NASA, Y U NO FIND REAL ALIEN.


Forever Alone MemeEdit

Forever Alone

The Forever Alone-Face

The Forever Alone Meme is an internet Meme, usually made out of 4 squares. The 4th square is a crying face with the text FOREVER ALONE above it.


It is currently unknown when the comic began, but it is created the same time as the other Rage Comics.


I Lied MemeEdit

I lied

I lied

The I Lied Meme is a internet Meme. It usually cointains 4 squares, the 4th having the I lied face. The I lied Meme usually has a lot in common with real life and the usual things you would lie about.