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In Portal: Still alive & Portal 2 you play Chell, who is a test subject at Aperture Science. The are games created by Valve. Aperture Science's rival is Black Mesa, which is a facility in the Half-Life series. Portal: Still Alive's meme is about cake.

Portal: Still AliveEdit

The Cake MemeEdit

The portal cake meme is about the fact that GLaDOS promises the test subject cake, but instead burns them at the end of the course. It is where people get the line The Cake Is a LIE!!! from. However, the cake is not a lie. It is seen at the end of Portal: Still Alive with your Companion Cube that you had to "Euthanise" at the end of test chamber 17. In one of the Rat-Man Dens, there are the words The Cake Is a Lie written on the wall.

Aperture ScienceEdit

In Portal: Still Alive, Chell is awoken in an from cryogenic sleep for testing. She is then told by GLaDOS to leave the little room and start testing. There are 19 tests in the course. However, you start in Test Chamber 00 which means there is 20 Test Chamber's.