Nyan CatEdit

The Nyan Cat is a internet meme. It appears to be a cat of outer space, with a Poptart as its back. There is a rainbow behind it. As it goes through space, It says: 'Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan' and so on.


Nyan Cat was a 8-bit picture at first, but then somebody added music to it and posted it on Youtube. Within a few weeks, the video gained over 10.000 views. Many users copied the video and changed it into something else.


  • Tac Nayn - Nyan Cat's evil side. (Tac Nayn is Nyan Cat backwards)
  • Variatons of countries
  • Various famous people


Many people have made longer video's of nyan. These are reffered to as "Challenges" by most people.

Take The Challenge(s)!Edit

So, you think your tough? you think your chuck norris? THINK AGAIN!! Pass all 4 challenges, and then we shall see.... thumb|left|300px|Take the ten hour challenge!thumb|300px|right|Sticking around? Try the 24 hour challenge!

thumb|300px|left|Your not going to be here for long! take the 50 hour challenge!thumb|300px|right|You think you're hard? Take the 100 hour challenge!

Holy S**T! You Are CHUCK NORRIS! *Bows Down*